Your Family History,
compiled & beautifully presented.
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The Heal Yourself Series

These books by health guru and
nutritionist Walter Last are your
guide to taking charge of your life,
your health, and your wellbeing.
Worldwide sales.

Featured in NEXUS magazine.

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Welcome to the Art Of Life . . .
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The creative world is wonderfully diverse and The Art Of Life website pays tribute to many of its aspects. The people represented in this site have devoted many years of hard work and patience into perfecting their skills, and it is revealed in the excellence of their work. From artworks and books, to music and health matters, these contributors are highly regarded in their various fields of endeavour.

Our services range from the complicated to the more mundane but useful items, such as book editing, graphic design and web design, to a landscape or a portrait, or compilation of your Family History.

For Arts Councils, professional or amateur performers, theatre groups and composers, this site can provide you with the musical support you need. All music produced to your personal requirements.
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Also featured is the Heal Yourself Series of books by renowned and respected health author, Walter Last, who is a qualified scientist and nutritionist. He encourages you to explore the natural methodologies of healing before resorting to conventional drugs. His books are easy to understand and a valuable tool if you are suffering from acute or chronic health problems. These books have gained worldwide popularity and have benefited many people with acute or chronic illness.

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