Austpac Productions

Austpac Productions has been proudly serving customers from all over Australia and overseas since 1980.
In association with Norsound Studios for music production and closely connected with other talented people to produce a widely varied customer base.
Austpac Productions in association with Norsound Studios produced hundreds of radio and television commercials and was the producer of one of Australia's longest running television and radio commercials for the theme park Fantasy Glades, which with regular updates, ran for 20 years.

Austpac Productions in association with Norsound Studios performs many more functions:-

  • Web Design: We work with you to help you achieve the best website possible for your requirements.
  • Graphic design, including brochures, posters, logos, book jackets/covers and CD & DVD covers, labels & inserts.
  • Small publication editing and publishing, including magazines, books, original fiction, poetry & lyrics.
  • Copy/Line editing of your manuscript, libretto, novel or articles by highly competent editors who will advise you on all aspects of your work.

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Health & Healing

Being associated with Walter Last and his "Heal Yourself" books is another string to our bow.
These wonderful self-help books are available on application to this site; the dedicated site at: and selected outlets.

Austpac Productions
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