LEONIE GANIVET grew up in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Learning piano, guitar, drama and ballet took up most of her spare time.
After completing her secondary education at Stratherne Presbyterian Girls Grammar (Helen Reddy of "I Am Woman" fame, and pianist/composer Mary Hannah Brahe, also attended Stratherne) she intended to pursue medical studies, but became so busy with her musical career that she was soon performing regularly, both as a solo artist and with various singing groups like the "Four Clefs", the "Maori Troubadours" and the "Hi-Fi's". After ballet tuition at the Borovansky Ballet School, Leonie joined the dance studio of internationally famous dancer and teacher Vija Vetra, who left an indelible mark on her life. After an injury put a stop to her dancing career she decided to concentrate on music, drama and singing. Leonie studied drama under the guidance of the esteemed Agnes Dobson.

In her late teens, under the name of Leonie Paul, she appeared on Reg Lindsay's "Country & Western Hour", "In Adelaide Tonight", "The Ray Taylor Show", and as an extra on soapies such as "The Box". She gained a wealth of experience performing in touring variety shows with people like Art Luden, Maurie Fields, Jan Adele, Val Jellay, Syd Heylen, Max Reddy and many others. Leonie was also a frequent guest on the "Go" show and other popular teen shows of the sixties with artists like Olivia Newton-John, Colleen Hewitt, Normie Rowe and Ian Turpie before she left Australia to work overseas for several years. Her overseas work involved recording albums, doing session work for radio and television and live performing.

Back in Australia in the 1980's she toured with rock bands "Summerwine" & "General Lee", managed first by Olympic yachting medalist Ian Ruff, and then by Donnie Sutherland (Hey Hey It's Saturday!). Band members included Ron Barry, Bridget O'Donoghue, George Yonon, Barry Kelly, Greg Tell, Keith Murch, Dadhichi Toth, Freddie Bower, Andrew Atwell, Mark Riley, and the list goes on. Many well known and respected performers played or "sat in" with those bands, including Tommy Emmanuel, Phil Emmanuel, Mark Punch, Joe Walsh (the Eagles), Rick Price, Doug Parkinson, Richard Gawned, Glyn Mason, Sammy See, and many others.

Leonie has won several song-writing awards over the years including the Australian National Songwriting Award and the South Pacific Song Contest. She sings in fourteen languages and was a featured artist at the internationally famous restaurant "The Cuckoo" for more than three years where she performed German, Austrian/Bavarian, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and French music.

These days Leonie operates Austpac Productions which specialises in Graphic Design, Web Design and Book Editing. Austpac Productions is associated with Norsound Studios recording studio in Bowral NSW, which involves music computer programming, recording, composing and scoring for people all over Australia and world wide.

Leonie was a programming contributer to Rhythmic Bytes for several years, personally sequencing many of their popular midi-files for pop, country, standards, and show music.

Her work has included completely re-scoring the music for the 1999 production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", "Bye Bye Birdie" in 2002, "Chicago" in 2003, and took on the assignment of music production for "Grease" in 2007. Leonie was also Sound Engineer for "Bye Bye Birdie" and "Oklahoma", involving large orchestra and cast. She has been Musical Director for many shows, some involving choirs of over 200 singers, including children's choirs.

In 2008, Leonie was musical director and musical producer for a big budget production of the Lloyd Webber musical "CATS". With an incredibly talented cast of singers and dancers, the show was a major success and played to packed houses for the entire season.

"Miss Saigon" in 2010 was another blockbuster success, with a fabulously talented cast and production crew. Leonie was in charge of Music Production for the show which netted a substantial profit for the producers.

Norsound Studios is a highly reliable and reputable supplier of backing music of all kinds for singers, professional acts, Eisteddfod, theatre, musicals, and schools. Performance coaching in drama and singing is another speciality of the studio. Other services include jingles and original music for documentary, and amateur & professional video work.

As Sound Engineer for "Oklahoma" 2003
Bye Bye Birdie - 2002
Vocal & Musical Director - Sound Engineer
"CATS" Andrew Lloyd Webber - 2008
Musical Director - DVD production.
Chicago - 2004 - Vocal & Musical Director - as Mona (far right front)

With Dame Joan after special performance of
the Cell Block Tango from "Chicago", 2004

Miss Saigon 2010 - Music Production & DVD

Filmed, edited & produced the artwork,
labels & inserts for the DVD.

Tui's death, from "Miss Saigon" 2010.


Mary Poppins 2015 - DVD

Filmed, edited & produced the artwork,
labels & inserts for the DVD.

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